About Us

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Vision of Establishing


Our Founder Shri G.D. Naidu's Vision of establishing an innovative and high tech manufacturing Unit in Coimbatore was realized when in 1957 the UMS Technologies division was incorporated,today the UMS Technologies Pvt Ltd is a multifaceted precision engineering company manufacturing, the famous 1886 Benz Motorwagen Replica ,Radial engines like 5,7&9 cylinder ,Inline Engine, Boxer engine & 7-35cc world smallest Radial Engine for RC Airplane , Aerospace products and Amateur Radio products for the HAM Radio Community.

The UMS Radio factory was started in 1941 by our founder the late Shri G.D. Naidu, churning out nearly 2000 radios a day creating a technological revaluation and recording those days.

Later the radio works was rechristened as UMS technologies pvt ltd under the guidance of Shri G.D. Gopal our Chairman and Managing Director ,also a prominent Amateur Radio enthusiast, the company went on to manufacture the famous UMS double 5/8 co linear UMS 2m antenna for the ham community and now since 2019 the company went a head with re engineered version of the Antenna , which as become instant hit among
the HAM community

Those on the success of the antenna the company has embarked in manufacturing theseries of Ham products .The wide space High voltage capacitor, Roller Inductors, Antenna Change Over Switch, Heavy Duty Antenna Rotators , 3D Printed Portable Morse Key, Tilt Base fixture for Antenna Mounting.