Redial Engines

UMS has manufactured over 2500 glow and gas radials as on date, which was distributed and sold by leading Hobby shops worldwide.
Now introducing range of small gas radials to the RC modeling community.
The new range of small gas radials viz.,50cc, 90ccand 115cc (same diameter and length of Glow radials of 35cc, 77cc and 99cc) will easily fit into available models.
The latest arrival in 5 cylinder is 55, 75, 125, 180 & 210 small diameter with more power to weight ratio.
UMS-Radials comes with new type of construction and easily serviceable parts. All CNC precision machined parts are made from aircraft grade Extruded Aluminum bar stock. The cylinder construction is of ABC type (Aluminum body/Brass liner/Hard chrome plating) which is very reliable and durable.
Well known for its quality &after sales service commitments UMS radial will certainly attract the next -generation RC community.